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Thursday, February 28, 2008

False meaning about the manthrams at marriage

Some idiot who do not have either Sanskrit knowledge or Sampradaya knowledge is reporting false meaning about the manthram uttered at kalyanam which starts as "soma pratama: ...."

His opinion : Out of that manthram the girls is first offered to Soman, second Gandharvan, third to Agni and fourth and finally to the boy who is going to marry.

Real Meaning of the Manthram:- "Soma prathamaha, vividhe gandharva:, thruthiya: agnishte pathi: dhuriiyaste manushyaja:"
Actually the word pathy has several meanings. One as Huspand and another one as "Guardian".
"Gruhapathi:" this word is coming many times in vedham, which means the owner of the house.
"Lakshadhipathi" - who is owning few lacks is called lakshadhipathi.
"Lagnathipathi" - which gruham owns a place in the jadhaka kattam bears the name lagnathipathi. We can give so many examples.

So, the real meaning of the manthram is : - The three devadas were taken you to guard and bless you with the wealth and health whatever they can offer.

Very Important thing to note: That the girl married to a boy is to be given before her majority. By this nobody can question her virginity.

Therefore, the idiot who is telling the apavadham about the three devadas were enjoyed a girl before she given to a boy is meaning less argument.


Vasanthan said...

its good that you brought it up and your version makes more sense. if the mistake was committed again and again one day it would become the truth, which is a stain on the mantra and tradition.

LK said...

You are right ... Most of the persons does no Sanskrit.. In Sanskrit there are lot of words like that...

Trivikraman Venkadeshar said...


Excellent work,very enlighting,

sarriyaana mookk'udaipo

Perhaps the word "Chastity" would be more appropriate then the usage of "Virginity" which seems slightly crude.

pardon me, if I said something wrong.

Ramamurthy said...

One noble and brave attempt in explanation.