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Friday, October 20, 2006

Deepavali Celebrations on Amavasya day

Dear Sri.NVS Vadhyar,

Thankyou very much for your kavidhai form greetings which is a double gift for all of us.

On this deepavali day, what are the things we should do (since the day is also amavasya day) like Naraka chathurdasi snanam, amavasya tharpanam etc.. Should it be celebrated as a festival or treated as a normal amavasya day.

Thank you very much in advance and sorry if this kind of question was already answered.


*** Thanks,
1. This (Deepavali) day is only festival day for all children, ladies and who are not started karma's like tharpanam.

2. This day is festival day and pithru day for persons who doing tharpanams.

There are some difference in anushtanams:

For persons belong category 2. The Ganga Sananm may be done by 4.30 by doing an oil bath. They can wear new dresses and fire crackers but should not take 'Marundhu' and Sweets before performing the Aaradhanam and Tharpanam.
They can take one more ordinary thalia muzhuku to do Aaradhanam and Tharpanam after few hours. After completion of the both things they can again wear the new dress and enjoy the Deepavali as children as they can. Some will wear the new dresses only after tharpanam. Nothing is wrong. We are skipping sastram in several ways, knowingly and unknowingly, let it be one among them.

So do as you wish: If you prefer enjoying the day or prefer to give respect to Pithrus and sastram. Choose one and be happy!

Note:- Did you able to find any speciality in that kavithai?!
Best wishes,

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