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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Re: [Vaideekam] subha-sweekaram-upanyasam by nvs

No that video is not of Upanyasam, that is different.
I had given a brief note about that video which was taken at Parikkal Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple during last year homam.
Below is the link for Upanyasam :
You can click the above link and hear the speach immediately if you have windows media player installed in your computer.

On 10/19/06, venkat chari <> wrote:
Sri NVS, the link plays namo narayana for 26 secs sung
by some lady, and then stops. In the background, a
temple gopuram with vadakalai is shown. I did not hear
any upanyasam. When I click the link for share, it
takes me to you tube web site.
Are you sure this is upanyasam video?

--- Srinivasan Deevalur <> wrote:

> Dear one and all,
> As I have told some days back,
> I have uploaded the recent 13th day upanyasam in our
> website
> kindly get the link to hear the audio wma by using
> the below URL.
> (I missed to zip it before upload, later it will be
> done according to response).
> Kind enough to send your feedbacks to
> not to vaideekam group.
> I am eagerly expecting your feedbacks to the above
> email ID.
> But you can discuss any particular matter described
> in that discourse in our
> vaideekam group.
> It means avoid sending just covenying your wishes
> using the group mail which
> will go to 565 members which may not be good.
> regards,
> dasan,
> nvs

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