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Monday, October 16, 2006

Fwd: upanyasam on Subha sweekaram

I could hear your upanyasam to-day only eventhough I got it yesterday. My long wish has been fulfilled by your tele-upanyasam.
Your upanyasam on Subhasweekaram has given llight on many issues which were not known to me and it was really nice. Your example of Antharyami to a cell phone, what is the colour of water,acharyan anugraham to achieve anything,how ladies are equivalent to man in doing the karma and their palan. You had dealt with many aspects.
You are most welcome to include such upanyasams in our group which will benefit not only the asthikan it will go to nastikan also to change his mind slowly.
Your effort is very much appreciated and longing to hear many more such upanyasms.

nochalur seshadri sampath.

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